Fat Track addon for PlayRobotics Smart Race Track


This is an addon part for the PlayRobotics Smart Race Track.

The PlayRobotics Smart Race Track was originally designed to work with the standard orange Hotwheels tracks.
Many people are now using FAT tracks for diecast racing and the “NASCAR Adventure Force Racing Track” by Far Out Toys is the most popular one.

What’s Included:

  • Orange tracks to Fat track adapters
    PlayRobotic’s start gate connects to orange Hotwheels tracks, you will then need to merge those tracks into a single fat track using those adapters
  • Fat track single sensor finish line
    PlayRobotic’s original finish line has two lanes, two sensors and two screens, the fat track finish line, has one sensor, one screen and a 3D printed part that should be connected between two fat track parts.

3D printed using PETG filament.


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