Flat Ramp addon for PlayRobotics Smart Race Track

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◆ This is an addon part for the PlayRobotics Smart Race Track ◆

The original ramp is placed at an angle, so cars will start moving once the start gate goes down thanks to gravity.
This concept creates an angle between the ramp and the track itself and cause the cars to slightly jump during the start.
While this is perfectly fine for the vast majority of users, those who are serious about diecast racing might want a smoother transition.

This addon kit includes 3D printed parts that will enable to lay the ramp flat while tilting the whole start gate unit instead of tilting just the ramp.


What’s Included:

  • LCD screen holders (Needed to moved the LCD in order to make room for the ramp).
  • 2 X Back leg extenders (Needed to tilt the whole start gate system).
  • Allen key
  • Assembly instructions

The ramp itself does not need be replaced, it will just be positioned in a different way.

3D printed using PETG filament.