Race Track Classroom Pack

Are you an educator looking to PlayRobotics Race Track to your classroom? This pack is for you!

There are several options you can choose from:
1) Number of tracks: You can choose the 3 tracks or 5 tracks options
It is recommended to divide your class to groups of 2-3 students and provide a race track to each group.

2) Basic or upgraded? By basic we mean our Smart Race Track , the upgraded kit will also include the Upgrade Kit for each track.
Not only the upgraded kit will provide more exciting racing game, it will also provide more coding practice.
You will also get access to online lessons that explain how to program the additional functionality.


The Game Changer – Wireless communication

The race tracks included in the classroom pack are unique because they include a wireless communication device!

Wireless communication can be used to make the tracks talk to each other! This can be very useful if you want to implement a synchronized race where multiple race tracks will communicate and start a race at exactly the same time.

See it in action:


STEM Racers – Modular race car

The classroom pack will also include a STEAM Racer for each race track!
Students will need to perform a series of experiments changing different parameters in this modular race car (changing tiers, adding weight etc) in order to build the fastest possible car!


Bonus: STL Files for 3D printing

As a bonus we will provide access to STL files that you can print in order to make your race tracks more exciting and provide more space to creativity for your students!

An example to what you can do with those 3D printed parts in your classroom:

Need a custom solution tailored for your school needs?

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