Smart Race Track KIT

Unique STEM kit that helps kids learn coding and electronics while building their own racing game.

The kit is accompanied with 14 lessons workshop that kids follow on their own, while adding features and improving their smart racing track.

Designed for ages of 8 and up. Below the age of 12, we recommend an adult supervision.

What is included?

Race control unit:

The race control unit is the most important part included in your kit. It contains a tiny computer called an “Arduino” and various electronic components, such as a motor, buzzer, LCD screen, and more.

Finish Line:

The finish line component uses two infra-red sensors to determine the race’s winner (one sensor for each track). It also includes two displays called “7-Segment”.

It connects to the race control unit using the network cable included in your kit. (But we will do this later).


The kit includes 10 genuine HotWheels orange tracks and 8 blue track connectors.


The kit includes two genuine HotWheels cars.

Cars are randomly chosen and cannot be selected prior to ordering.

Other parts:

The following parts are included as well:
– Network cable
– Programming USB cable
– Screwdriver