STEM Racer - Modular race car

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This kit has all the parts needed to build one modular race car:

  • 3D Printed parts: Chassis , cover, weight carriers.
  • 2 set of tiers.
  • Allen screws & key.
  • Big bolts for adding weight.

Several parameters can be changed in this modular car:

  • Tires.
  • Front wheels location.
  • Rear wheels location.
  • Total weight added to the car.
  • Location of the added weight.

Your ultimate goal is to build the fastest possible car!

This goal can be achieved by conducting various experiments, changing only one parameter at a time and measuring performance.

You can test performance of the car using the PlayRobotics Smart Race Track

We have also prepared a Google Docs file for you to print. It can be used to log the experiments to find the best performing car variation scientifically.

Get the file here

Every time you change something in the car let it race on the PlayRobotics Smart Race track and write the time in the table.