Lesson 1

Building the track

Welcome to the PlayRobotics smart racing workshop!

We will be building an advanced racing track for diecast cars and dive into the exciting world of programming, electronics, and sensors!


PlayRobotics smart track in action

Watch the video below to see the final result of what we will build. (video includes some cars and accessories that are not included in the kit)

Before we begin, let’s go over all the components included in the kit you received:


Race control unit:

The race control unit is the most important part included in your kit. It contains a tiny computer called an “Arduino” and various electronic components, such as a motor, buzzer, LCD screen, and more.

Finish Line:

The finish line component uses two infra-red sensors to determine the race’s winner (one sensor for each track). It also includes two displays called “7-Segment”.

It connects to the race control unit using the network cable included in your kit. (But we will do this later).



The kit includes 10 genuine HotWheels orange tracks and 8 blue track connectors.


The kit includes two genuine HotWheels cars.

Cars are randomly chosen and cannot be selected prior to ordering.


Other parts:


The following parts are included as well:
– Network cable
– Programming USB cable
– Screwdriver

Building the track

  • The track-building process consists of several steps.
    We recommend adult supervision for this lesson.
  • Applying a strong force is not required.
  • Please follow the instructions carefully.


Step 1: Connecting the tracks

Choose two tracks with blue connectors and connect them to the race control unit, as shown in the video below:

Step 2: Adding the tracks

Now we will begin adding the rest of the tracks.
Use all the tracks with blue connectors (we will use the tracks without the connectors in the next step).

Step 3: Finish line assembly

Use tracks without the blue connectors to assemble the finish:

Step 4: Adding the finish line

Now we will attach the finish line.
Do not connect the orange network cable yet. We will do it later.

Step 5: Adding height and testing the track

To make our cars go faster on the track we need to have a height difference between the start and the finish, we will achieve this by placing the kit box under the race control unit: 

This is how your track should look:

Great! our racing track is ready!

We have built the track, but it isn’t smart yet. We will start programming it soon!

Meanwhile, you are welcome to drive the cars down the track (the barrier will be open, and nothing will move except the cars).

We have completed the first lesson!

Let’s move on and learn about the computer in our race control unit.