Lesson 15

Installing the Upgrade Kit

To make the PlayRobotics Smart Race Track even more exciting and advanced, we have developed a special Upgrade Kit.

In this series of lessons you will learn about the new electronic components included in this kit, how to program them, and how to add them to the racing game.

To follow those lessons you will need both the Smart Race Track Kit and the Upgrade Kit.

Let’s begin!

What is included in the upgrade kit?

  • 2 X LED strips (Each strip has 15 LEDs) 
  • LED connection cable
  • MP3 player extension board
  • SD card
  • SD card reader
  • 4 X 3D printed angle connectors for orange tracks
  • Allen key

Installing the upgrades

If you bought the Smart Race Track kit and the Upgrade Kit at the same time, we have already installed the upgrades for you. You don’t need to perform these next steps and can skip to the next lesson.


Step 1: Take off the transparent cover

We will need to connect some cables to the board. First, remove the top cover as shown in the video below:

Step 2: Connecting the LED cable

Connect the cable like so:

Step 3: Re-attach the transparent cover

Re-attach the transparent cover as seen below:

Step 4: Attach the MP3 Player 

Now, attach the MP3 player to the control unit using screws:

Step 5: Hide the MP3 cable

Important: We are not going to attach the MP3 player cable to the main board at this stage.
If you do, you will get an error while programming Arduino (more about this later).

For now we will just “hide” it so it won’t get in the way:

We are done!

Well done! the new components are now installed and we are ready to start using them in our racing game!

In the next lessons, we will learn to program our LED strips.