Smart Racing Track Kit

Lesson List


1- Building the track

In this lesson we will review the parts included in the kit and build the racing track.


2- Hello Arduino

The heart of our racing system is a small computer called Arduino, we will learn how it works.

image (47)

3 - Programming intro

We will dive into the exciting world of programming and install the software we will need during the workshop.

image (75)

4- Opening the gate

Our first programming task will be opening the gate once the race starts.


5 - Traffic light

It's time to learn how to program LED lights in order to turn them on and off.


6 - Adding Sound

We will be adding some dramatic beeps and melodies during the start of the race.


7 - LCD Screen

In this lesson we will activate our LCD screen and display messages during the race.


8- Start button

We will use the button sensor in order to start the race.


9- Finish line sensors

Time to learn how to use the infrared sensors located at the finish line.


10- Announcing the winner

We will use the 7-Segment displays in order to show who won the race.


11- Remote start

We will add an option to start the race remotely by using a remote control.


12 - Counting rounds

We will learn about variables and use our new knowledge to display the round number on the screen.


13 -Showing winner time

We will improve the code so it will show the time it took the winner to complete the race.


14 - More upgrades

We will load an upgraded code to arduino that will include some improvements and new game features.

Upgrade Kit Lessons


15- Installing the Upgrade Kit​

In this lesson we will review the parts included in the upgrade kit and install them.


16- LED strips

In this lesson we will learn how to work with our LED strip and light LEDs.


17 - LED animations

We will program some fancy animation for our LED strips.


18- MP3 Player

Let's make some noise!