STEM Education Kit Smart race track

Our Goal

Introduce your kids to the exciting world of coding & electronics, all while having fun and playing games.

Smart & advanced
Race track

Hot wheels cars at start of race track, data cable, stop light, and electrical components.

During the workshop, we will build a smart race track for HotWheels™ cars with sensors, screens and various electronic components.

Watch our smart track in action

Unique kit
Shipped to you

We have developed a unique kit for this workshop and will deliver it directly to you!

The kit includes genuine HotWheels tracks and cars, 3D printed parts, and various electronic components (Learn more)

What will we learn?
Lesson list


1- Building the track

In this lesson we will review the parts included in the kit and build the racing track.


2- Hello Arduino

The heart of our racing system is a small computer called Arduino, we will learn how it works.

image (47)

3 - Programming intro

We will dive into the exciting world of programming and install the software we will need during the workshop.

image (75)

4- Opening the gate

Our first programming task will be opening the gate once the race starts.


5 - Traffic light

It's time to learn how to program LED lights in order to turn them on and off.


6 - Adding Sound

We will be adding some dramatic beeps and melodies during the start of the race.


7 - LCD Screen

In this lesson we will activate our LCD screen and display messages during the race.


8- Start button

We will use the button sensor in order to start the race.


9- Finish line sensors

Time to learn how to use the infrared sensors located at the finish line.


10- Announcing the winner

We will use the 7-Segment displays in order to show who won the race.


11- Remote start

We will add an option to start the race remotely by using a remote control.


12 - Counting rounds

We will learn about variables and use our new knowledge to display the round number on the screen.


13 -Showing winner time

We will improve the code so it will show the time it took the winner to complete the race.


14 - More upgrades

We will load an upgraded code to arduino that will include some improvements and new game features.

We Believe in
blurring the lines between learning and playing

Starting line of smart racing track with two cars, red light, closed gate, and a laptop

While your child builds their very own smart race track, they will learn the fundamentals of coding and dive into the exciting world of physical programming.

The goal is to build a fun and exciting game. We believe that learning through playing is the most effective way to learn new skills.

Scratch coding for kids
Fun and engaging programming 

Screenshot of mBlock Arduino programming interface as example of Scratch programming language.

Scratch is an engaging drag & drop programming language developed by the M.I.T Media Lab.

Kids learn coding fundamentals through a fun and engaging drag & drop experience without the syntax complexity of regular programming languages.

Ready to play?

How much does it cost?

The kit costs $119

We ship worldwide

What is included?

Which age is it for?

The workshop is designed for ages of 8 and up.

Below the age of 12, we recommend an adult supervision.

What will you need?

No prior knowledge or experience is required. All your kid will need is a computer (mac or windows) and a connection to the Internet.

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The story of PlayRobotics


Hello, my name is Alex Flom

I am a software engineer that found his true passion – bringing kids closer to advanced technologies: Robotics, Electronics & Coding.

I have developed this kit during the last 2 years in order to prepare the next generation for the world of robotics and artificial intelligence.

I believe that you can not force anyone to learn anything, my goal is to provide a fun and engaging experience that will ignite kids curiosity and motivate them to explorer and create.