Smart race system for diecast racing


We make Hot Wheels race tracks smart by adding sensors & electronics, providing a superb racing experience for kids & adults.

Diecast Racing

Love diecast racing? PlayRobotics provides various solutions that will upgrade your setup!  

Start gates, Finish lines, Timing systems and everything you need to spice up your track.

3D printed and hand assembled in our lab.



By Races&Fun

The story of PlayRobotics


Hello, my name is Alex Flom

I am a software engineer and HotWheels collector that found his true passion – make 1/64 racing a reality!

I have developed this smart race track system during the last 2 years and I am constantly innovating and improving it with the help and feedback from the diecast racing community.

Learn how
It all works

Starting line of smart racing track with two cars, red light, closed gate, and a laptop

The system is pre-programmed and ready to play, but if you want to understand how it all works behind the scenes, you can follow our coding workshop.