Remote Drifting Rules & Track Building guidelines

What does remote drifting competition look like?

In traditional RC drifting competitions points are given to the drivers by judges, remote drifting is different, in this type of competition we drift against the clock. The drivers need to perform various challenges as fast as they can, the fastest drifter wins.   

Remote Drifting is inspired by "Gymkhana GRiD" and similar real world competitions.

To make Remote Drifting possible all drifters need to use similar track, the track  should follow some simple guidelines in order to make the results comparable and the competition fair.

Drifting Floor & Tiers

You are free to use any surface you want (concrete, p-tiles, PVC, rug etc).
Optimizing the surface for maximum performance is also part of the competition.
The car must use drift tires (any type of drift tiers available on the market is acceptable).


5 Feet Rule

We like to keep things simple and make the track easy to build so there is just one rule about the dimensions of the track.
You should have a start line and an object , the distance between them should be 5 feet.

The start line can be as wide as you wish, the object you will use can be a cone, another car, box or anything else (it is easier to drift around round objects) .

The object should be placed in a distance of 5 feet from the right side of the finish line and the angle between the start line and the (imaginary) 5 feet line should be 90 degrees.


Barriers and accessories

You are free to add barriers and scale accessories to make the track look realistic, but the car is not allowed to touch anything other than the floor during the race. Ramps are not allowed, the floor should be straight and not tilted at an angle.


Timing system

In order to determine a winner or a new challenge world record a video should be shared with our team.
However, in order to determine the time correctly a timing system should be used and it should be visible in the video.

Option 1: Timing System

The DriftRobotics timing system was especially designed for remote drifting, with this system it is very easy to see in the video the time it took to complete the challenge. 

Option 2: Web Timer

We have also developed a special webpage to time your remote drifts:
You will need to place a table/laptop/mobile phone in the frame and start the challenge by pressing the "Start" button on the timer page. The finial video will be analyzed by our team in order to determine the exact time the car crossed the finish line.


The challenges & Live Racing

In the future we are going to have live racing event.
In live racing event competitors should join a live video stream and perform a series of races / challenges.

At this stage however, we will start with 3 challenges: 8 Figure, Loop, Lap.

A world record can be set for each of those challenges, and the top 10 results will be displayed on the DriftRobotics website.

Result Verification process

Whether you are using a timing system or the web timer , the challenge should be shot on video.

Video guidliness:

- The timing system/web timer should be visible in the that video.

- The video should be made with a mobile phone / tablet 

- The video should be shared straight from the mobile device without using any external editing software.


To verify your achievement and get it listed, post your video on Instagram and tag @DriftRobotics or share it on the Remote RC Drifting Facebook group


Are you ready for some RemoteDrifting? Start your engines!