6-lane Raceway Timing System


This kit will allow you to dramatically upgrade the racing experience of the popular “Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway“.

This is the world’s first timing system built for this track. 

What’s included?

This kit consists of two main parts: An electric start add-on and a finish line unit.

Electric start add-on

The start add-on is installed at the beginning of the track and turns the mechanical start into an electric start which is controlled by a tiny computer, so you no longer will need to manually move the yellow trigger, instead you will be able to start the race sing a remote control!
Finish line unit

The finish line unit is the brain of the system, it has 6 track sensors, 6 display screens, Infrared remote control sensor, sound buzzer, start button  and a tiny computer which is in charge of managing the race.


– USB Power cable – Length: 2 meters
– Servo cable (which connects the finish line and the start gate) – Length: 3 meters


Remote Control

The race can be started by pressing a physical start button located at the finish line or using the included remote control.

The plastic parts are 3D printed using high strengths, heat resistant material – PETG.

This is your chance to own a unique product that will provide a truly unique racing experience.

To use this timing system you will need to have:
* “Hot Wheels Super 6-lane Raceway”
* 6 orange Hot Wheels tracks (needed to connect the finish line)

For ages 13 and above.

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