FAT Track Timing System

There are several editions to the PlayRobotics system:
  •  2 Lane / 4 Lane Drag Racing Timing System
    To be used with orange HotWheels tracks.

  • FAT Track Edition(described on this page)
    To be used with Nascar FAT by Far-Out-Toys.
    This system has also a PRO version(available here)
The FAT track edition described in this page and in the following review video:

What is FAT Track Edition?

The PlayRobotics Smart Race Track was originally designed to work with the standard orange Hotwheels tracks.

Many people are now using FAT tracks for diecast racing and the “NASCAR Adventure Force Racing Track” by Far Out Toys is the most popular one.

This variation of the PlayRobotics kit will only work with the FAT track. 

If you want to use it with both the FAT track and the regular orange HotWheels tracks, get the Orange track edition and the FAT track add-on separately.


What’s included?

Race control unit
The race control unit is the most important part included in your kit. It contains a tiny computer called an “Arduino” and various electronic components, such as a motor, buzzer, LCD screen, and more. The plastic parts of the control unit are 3D printed.
Finish Line
The finish line component uses two infra-red sensors to determine the race’s winner (one sensor for each track). It also includes two displays called “7-Segment”.
Other Parts
– Network cable
– Programming USB cable
Remote Start
The race can be started by pressing a physical start button. You can also choose to purchase an optional remote control that will allow you to start the race remotely.
2/4 Cars Ramp
The kit comes with a ramp that can hold two cars, but in addition you can also choose to purchase 4 cars ramp which can hold 4 cars (2 cars on each lane).
This FAT edition doesn’t include tracks and cars.
For indoor use only
The FAT high amount of light in an outdoor environment will not allow the finish line sensors to perform properly.
This FAT edition is ready to play, you will not need to go through the coding lessons in order to make it work (although you will still be able to access the lessons if you want to since both versions are using the same code).
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