Orange Tracks Timing System


What’s included?

Race control unit
The race control unit is the most important part included in your kit. It contains a tiny computer called an “Arduino” and various electronic components, such as a motor, buzzer, LCD screen, and more. The plastic parts of the control unit are 3D printed.

Finish Line
The finish line component uses two infra-red sensors to determine the race’s winner (one sensor for each track). It also includes two displays called “7-Segment”.

Other parts
– Network cable
– Programming USB cable

Remote Start
The race can be started by pressing a physical start button. You can also choose to purchase an optional remote control that will allow you to start the race remotely.

2/4 Cars Ramp
The kit comes with a ramp that can hold two cars, but in addition you can also choose to purchase 4 cars ramp which can hold 4 cars (2 cars on each lane).

Tracks and cars are not included.

For indoor use only
The FAT high amount of light in an outdoor environment will not allow the finish line sensors to perform properly.

◆◆ Coding lessons:◆◆
The system is pre-programmed and ready to play, but if you are interested to learn how this all works behind the scenes you can follow the coding workshop.
The workshop consists of 14 lessons that are available on our website:

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