PlayRobotics Smart Race Track | FLAT EDITION

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PlayRobotics Smart Race Track was designed as an educational kit, so kids can learn coding and electronics while building their own racing game.
What you see in this listing is a special flat edition of the kit which provides a smother race start experience, it was designed to fit the needs of those who are serious about diecast racing hobby.
The regular kit is designed for simplicity and uses a tilted ramp (this creates an angle between the ramp and the track, during the start cars perform a small jump while transiting from the ramp to the track).
In this design however, the ramp is flat and the whole unit is tilted thanks to the extenders that are connected to the rear legs.

What’s included?

Race control unit
The race control unit is the most important part included in your kit. It contains a tiny computer called an “Arduino” and various electronic components, such as a motor, buzzer, LCD screen, and more. The plastic parts of the control unit are 3D printed.

Finish Line
The finish line component uses two infra-red sensors to determine the race’s winner (one sensor for each track). It also includes two displays called “7-Segment”.

Other parts
– Network cable
– Programming USB cable
– Screwdriver

This flat edition doesn’t include tracks and cars.
This flat edition is ready to play, you will not need to go through the coding lessons in order to make it work (although you will still be able to access the lessons if you want to since both versions are using the same code).